Day #1: Welcome to the 30 days challenge!

I started this blog with a simple challenge . Everyday for the next 30 days I will write about something. About any topic that captures my attention for the day. Benjamin Disraeli said ‘The best way to master something is to write about it’. I guess that’s lego housewhat I going to try to do for the next 30 days and if I succeed in it, I will do it continuously for the next 1000 days. Now the content will not be philosophically earth-shattering I must admit.However, I will also try as much as possible to stir away from the mundane.

It’s a personal journey and experience so if you find something you don’t agree with in my posts, please understand it is just an opinion. If you also find something you like, do not hesitate to pass it on.

The very first topic that actually brought me to think of writing this blog is the notion that Our lives are built by our days.

Our lives are the sum of our days. What we do everyday aggregates into what becomes our lives just like building blocks from a LEGO House. If this is true, then I dare say, rather than focusing on ‘building a life’, it makes logical sense to focus on building more value into our days.The more value we build into our days, the more we get from our lives.

How would this thinking affect how we account for our days? For every 24 hours in each day we spend on things and activities we know adds no specific value to our lives? How then do we deal ‘bad’ days when things do not work the way we would like them to? Of course we might not always get the right block every time. However, I believe the more we consciously try to put more quality in our days, the result will be a truly extraordinary life.

With this I welcome you to the next 30 days.