Day #8: Create a Strategy for your life

Strategy is often defined as having a set of objectives to be achieved,defining clearly set of actions how to reach these objectives and allocating resources to match the implementation of these actions.

Although strategy is most often thought of in the context of business, sports or war situation, it also applies to individuals in how we manage our lives. We usually have a clear objective or purpose of where we want to go or how we want our lives to look like.We then define actions and goals to get us from where we are at the moment to where we want to go. At least some if not most of us do.

In the book ‘How Will You Measure Your Life‘ by Harvard Professor and author of the popular book ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma‘ and theory of disruptive innovationClayton Christensen, alongside James Allworth and Karen Dillon editor of Harvard Business Review the authors define how it is possible for humans to adapt some of the widely known theories of how organisation set and implement strategy to their own person lives. The book offers a lot of insights into how people often times manage to implement a strategy for their lives which they never planned for. By the way I do recommend this book to anyone finishing college, just starting a career or even if you already in your career and you want to change direction.

So how do you create a strategy for your life? Is it the same way a company would do it?

There are 3 simple elements in a strategy that can be applied to creating a strategy for your life:

1.Defined objective: Strategy is about having a defined objective.Getting clear with what you really want.(what)

2.Getting clear on why this goal is important for you.(Why)

3.Creating massive action plan to get you from current point to the next point.(how)

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