Day #16: Book review- How will You Measure your life?

In spring of 2010, Harvard Business School’s class of 2010 asked Professor and bestselling author of the book,The Innovator’s Dilemma,Clayton Christensen  to address them.They wanted Clayton to share how they could apply some of his business theories to their personal lives. That address, plus the article that followed on HBR became the book How will You Measure your Life?

Unlike most self-help books, this book’s difference is in the fact that it doesn’t really give you answers, rather, it provides question that will be useful for you in appraising and drawing your own conclusions.Drawing on time tested business principles,it challenges you to examine your life in different ways.

Though written by 3 authors, the book’ narrative is in Clayton’s voice. Broken into 3 sections, it focuses on addressing key questions on core areas of person life e.g Career, relationships with spouse and children and on personal integrity.

The 3  sections are:

1.Finding Happiness in Your Career:This  focuses on the questions to consider before choosing a career such as: ‘what’s most important to you in your career?’And how do you make sure what is important to you aligns with what makes you happy?

2. Finding happiness in your relationships: this section focuses how to strike a balance between having success in our careers and in our personal lives as it relates to families and the people we love.

3.Staying out of jail: the last section focuses on developing personal integrity and becoming aware of the danger of the choices we make when we think we can break our rule this once. In Clayton’s word’s

Just hoping that you’ll become a certain kind of person isn’t enough. Hold to your standards all of the time. Every time you have an opportunity where you can depart — even “just this once under this circumstance”— well, your life is just an unending stream of “extenuating circumstances.” Everyone decides “just this once.”

Finally, I have to say this is not exactly a book review, but a note of recommendation.I hope this helps you in discovering the wisdom of this book for yourself. I recommend it!


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