Day #20: 7 Websites that will Make You Happier and Smarter!

If we all had a list of the most important things to us, being happier, smarter or more productive will most likely rank on top.Well, sometimes we will also like to be more awesome.Unfortunately, the internet where we now spend most of our time is driving us far from being productive as we would like especially if we fall in the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity:  Facebook,Twitter and Gmail.

Here is a list f some websites which might help you in becoming more productive,smart and happy.


What is it?:A daily web magazine that includes articles, tips, events and videos about how to help creatives take the next step in turning their ideas into realities.

Cool Factor:The name 99U is taken from Thomas Edison’s quote that “genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration,” and the website intends to give action-focused content to push users forward to achieving their dreams.



What is it?Curator of the best tricks, tips and technology for saving time and getting things done.

Cool Factor:The tip of the week – a short, instructive advice for making life easier.



What is it?A web app that helps you develop better habits and stick to them.

Cool Factor:The theory behind HabitForge is that it takes 21 consecutive days to really put a habit into practice. HabitForge will email you daily, checking up to see if you are successfully keeping to your new habit.


What is it?Inspiring quotes put in really cool design formats daily.

Cool Factor: You can have the quotes delivered to your inbox every morning.


What is it:Tools for happiness.Daily thoughts from Gretchen Rubin Author of the Happiness Project on how to be happy everyday.

Cool Factor:The site offers tools, tips, group chat room and online-based features to help users be happier.  Rubin’s musings about the nature of happiness are thought provoking and avoid cliches, such as this recent post about being happy without feeling happy.



What is it:A website for teachers and learners alike with animated educational videos under ten minutes long.TED-Ed is an offshoot of the successful TED enterprise but with a bit of a twist.

Cool Factor:TED-Ed merges engaging lesson plans, narrated by the educators who create them, with artful animation to give the lessons a visual impact. The video lessons go a step further, offering supplemental materials such as quizzes, discussion questions and extra resources to get your brain working.



What is it? A comprehensive website covering a myriad of topics, breaking down how things actually work into easy to read articles.

Cool Factor:For every curious question you might have, or didn’t even think you might have,HowStuffWorks is your destination. The site takes on subjects as common as car repair and household appliances to as complex as geophysics and chemical engineering. Aside from the informational articles, HowStuffWorks also offers original videosquizzesblogsgames and podcaststo pique your curiosity and challenge your mind.


If you read this and you have other website that help you stay productive,happy and smart.Please add them in the comment below or send to me.

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