Day #22:’How do you eat a whale?’ The art of starting small.

I am currently training to run a marathon so I have to run between 1-2 hours every morning before going to work. One of my friends who was sure I was crazy wanted to know how I got the energy and motivation to run at 6 in the morning. My answer, ‘ how do you eat a whale?‘. If you set out with the intention to eat a whole whale, you sure as hell will never succeed. So in my case, I don’t think of running for 1 hour every morning. I think of walking for 10 mins in the morning.I find the hardest part of running every morning, is to get out of bed and get out.Once you do this, you can complete the rest with ease.

The point here is  how to approach ideas or tasks that may seem overwhelming. Success is a cumulation of small steps adding to a big move. One successful email sent, one phone call, one question,writing one word,etc.The art for starting small is perhaps the most overlooked trick from most success manuals. Most creative people like writers know this secret.When asked how he wrote, Stephen King replied ‘one word at a time’.

So if you are thinking of running that marathon, writing that bestseller,the secret is the 10 mins walk or the one word you write then another word.The baby steps.

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