Day #24 :Show me what you read and I will tell you what you think!

One of my favourite all time Mr Rogers remixes from PBS is the ‘Garden of your mind‘.


Mr Rogers compares our minds to a garden where we can grow things, grow ideas,about curiosity, and paying attention to what’s going on around us.

Let’s say we take Mr Rogers’ advice and imagine our minds as a garden and we the gardener. How does  this affect what we allow to grow in our mind? What plants or flowers would we like to see in our garden and what do we need to do everyday to plant them and see they grow and flourish? A gardener’s job is not only to plant to the right flowers in the garden, his/her job everyday is to take care of  the garden, to stop weeds from growing in it.You have heard of  ‘garbage in,garbage out‘ . In our minds, it’s not just garbage in, garbage mostly stays.

Personal Development experts recommend reading something that adds to your library of knowledge at least 30 minutes everyday. With phones buzzing and status updates, our attention span is gradually on the decline and most people struggle to read or finish a book.More importantly for people who find time to read, your choice of books  affects not just what you think , but also how you feel and what you act on everyday.

This by the way is not just nice talk, it’s scientific. In what psychologists refer to as priming, researchers found that people primed with words associated with the stereotype of the elderly (e.g. retirement) actually walked more slowly than people who were shown other words unrelated to the elderly.

One thought on “Day #24 :Show me what you read and I will tell you what you think!

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