Day #31:Welcome to the next 970 Days if Inspiration

Today marks thirty days since this challenge started. Thank you to everyone who stuck around and read the posts. We now have the next 970  days to go to make it a thousand days of inspiration.

Although this blog started as a trivial challenge, trying to do something for thirty days, writing a simple post everyday has been a source of inspiration to me and I am sure to everyone who reads some of the posts.Even though the goal was to write about things that inspire me and the people around me, I discovered this can be inspiring for other people too.

I have taken 2 lessons away from this experience in the last few days:

1.Goals setting: Setting and achieving a goal is not just about getting something, it is about what it makes us. Here is what I mean, setting a goal to write a post everyday for 30 days and achieving it is not just about the goal.(So what? Anyone can do that!). It is about who I have become as a result of this goal. The person who sits down everyday to think of and write one thing that is meaningful. And I know my day is not complete if I haven’t turned in my post for the day. I am more excited about learning and reading new things because I know I get a chance to share them in a meaningful way with other people.That’s the person I have become as a result of this small goal.It’s not exactly rocket science but you get the idea!

2.What inspires me?:After I started writing this, I discovered LinkedIN also started a series called: “What Inspires Me.”. Where thought leaders and LinkedIN influencers share what inspires them.The good thing is, different things inspire different people. Our sources of inspiration vary widely, but virtually no one disputes the importance of being inspired. For some, inspiration is a memorable phrase, for others, a jarring or enlightening experience. Still others find inspiration in a key individual or group of people in their lives. Some found themselves turning back to the same work of art, piece of literature or dramatic moment again and again to re-ignite their drive.

Whatever inspires you. join me everyday as we explore this together. And if you like or enjoy what you read, please pass it along and let’s spread the inspiration bug.If you also have ideas on how this could be better, please share them with me and I promise I’ll take it serious.

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