Day #40:”I have the answer”.Wait,what’s the question?

Life’s  great riddle is the need to find answers to a question. This has been humanity’s quest from the stone age till today. We have a natural urge to look for answers, the secret formula, the key to success.We naturally gravitate towards anyone who says they have the answer to our question.

We went to religion because we had a yearning to believe in something bigger than us, to find out if there is another life after now and what will be our role in that world, is there a God out there? can he save us? how? These question drives men to different creeds,masters, saviours,gurus and anyone who claim they have the answer to our questions.In fact,the discipline of science is built on that curiosity.The need to know,to verify. Philosophers keep digging everyday for answers to question.When they find answers to some questions, we go to them.

This is the secret to bestselling books, popular websites,blogs,movements, ideas. They answer a question we have in a way we like.

Today’s norm is for everyone to scream answers at us.On facebook,twitter,blogs.Everyone seem to have found ‘the secret formula’.However,the big question is, what question are you trying to answer? People are now preoccupied with screaming their answers at us they have even forgotten the question.

Maybe it’s time to pause and ask ‘what’s the question‘ before attempting to yell your answers at us.

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