Day #45:To be Inspired, write your own set of Personal Commandements

One of the good tricks I picked up recently to constantly stay inspired and happy is to create a set of personal commandments. I first got his inspiration after reading Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues. Ben created this when he turned 20 as a system to develop his character.

Then I got more inspired to create mine after reading Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project’s blog post: To Be Happier, Write Your Own Set of Personal Commandments.

I have created my own personal commandment not as long at Franklin’s or Gretchen’s. I have created 7.

1.Act with purpose.Let your thought and your action be one.

2.Never stop growing.Perhaps you won’t get things right the every time. Never stop trying.Even after a mistake or failure,don’t stop.

3.Don’t start,finish.Nothing is more painful than an incomplete experience.Any task you set your mind to, always complete it.

4.Live your life like you are the one creating it.Like you are the painter,designer and your life is your master piece.

5.Pause often.It is good to live a fast paced life.However, enjoy the power of the pause.Slow down,meditate,examine yourself and your action.Dont get busy for ‘busyness’ sake.

6.Watch your thought.They make you.

7.Love self.

These 7 commandments help me go through the day and I try to look at them everyday to evaluate my intentions and actions. They are not set in stone and they might change with time but they serve like a personal value statement.

I encourage you to try writing some of yours and if you have some already and you would like to share, it would be nice to read them.


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