Day #60:Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas.

I recently started listening to this audio book: Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content by Mark Levy. I think it’s one of the most underrated business books around. Let me explain, while this book looks like it’s only about writing, Mark makes a much deeper point . The book focuses on how you can use a technique Mark refers to as ‘free writing’ to develop your thought process,shape your ideas into concrete products you can develop further and help you make better decisions.
So what is free writing and how can it help you? According to the author,
“Freewriting is a fast method of thinking onto paper that enables you to reach a level of thinking that’s often difficult to attain during the course of a normal business day.This technique will help you understand your world, spot opportunities and options, solve problems, create ideas, and make decisions. It’ll also help you become a better writer,both stylistically and idea-wise”.
 It’s useful for everyone in business, education  or even if you just want to write for fun.

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