Day #66:New Month:Time for a 30 Day Challenge?

In the What is this section of my blog, I explained the thinking behind this blog. After watching Matt Cutt’s TED Talk, I decide to try the 30 days challenge. I wanted to start with something simple and gradually move into harder tasks. Since then I have completed a ’30 Days of Blogging Challenge’, ’30 days of vegetarian diet’, ’30 days 2 hours morning runs’, and some other less daring adventures.Before the 30 days of blogging challenge, I had several attempts at starting a blog and never went beyond 2 posts in some cases 3.After completing the 30 days of blogging challenge however, I have gone on to write for another 60 days making it almost 90 days already.

It’s the start of  a new month perhaps you might want to challenge yourself and try a 30 day challenge. Remember according to Matt Cutt, those 30 days will pass anyway.Why not use them for something different and fun. Psychologists say it takes 21 days to form a habit.So do you have any new habit you want to form or anything of interest you want to try, this is the right time.

If you are interested and you need a partner to try something with you can drop me an email at and we could try something together.You will be surprised with how much you can achieve in 30 days.

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