Day #80: Flinging Your Hat Over the Wall

Two intrepid Irish boys used to spend their days exploring the rolling countryside.

They journeyed over rivers and through valleys, past farms and flocks. When they got hungry, they’d help themselves to what God offered them through the unwitting generosity of local farmers.

One day, the boys came upon a high wall that guarded an orchard and blocking their path. It seemed impassable. For a moment, they considered turning back and ending their journey. Then, in a flash of unspoken agreement, they took their caps off their heads and flung them over the impassable wall. Now they had no choice but to continue.

The lesson here  is similar to that of Xiang Yu, the Chinese military commander who burnt his ships so his troops couldn’t turn back. To survive they knew they had to fight their way forward.When in doubt about a course of action, the more you analyse and think about it, the more you see reasons not to follow through. Doubt creeps in and you begin to rationalize. The best thing to do is to emulate these Irish boys, throw your hat over the wall, do something to commit yourself.That way you know there is nothing more to do than to move forward.

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