Day #107: Stories That Inspire Me

Two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to attend a leadership conference organised by AIESEC Denmark for members of the organisation. I shared the ’30 Days Challenge’ which inspired this blog with the participants. Since then, I have received emails of how this has inspired a lot of people to start their own ’30 Days Challenge’.

Yesterday I received one of the most inspiring messages from a participant of the conference and it made my week. I have asked for permission to reproduce the message here:

‘I really want to thank for sharing your 30-days-challenge with all of us and I can assure you that inspired a lot of people, including me.

I have been a smoker for now 4 years and I always wanted to stop but did not know an easy way – and was always like YOLO, even though I did not feel great after having smoked yet another cig. After the conference and learning about your simple trick of 30days and noting it down each day – 5 days ago I started writing diary notes on my phone and stopped smoking! So far it is hard but am motivated to continue for at least 30  days and then see what happens. I must admit I have surprised myself and my friend by replacing cigs with water and carrots Thank you again for sharing and keep up with the sharing because you never know how many people you are going to affect’.


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