Day 116:We are what we consistently do!

Back in University as a Law major, my Professor of Logic and Philosophic Thought tried to imprint something significant in our minds as would-be lawyers: ‘consistency makes lies look like truth’ he would often say.If you want to lie successfully, it needs to be consistent. If I came to you and showed you a white piece of paper but I established that it was black, until my statement is shaken, that paper in fact is black. If I told you long enough that it was black and I didn’t change my story, soon, you will begin to doubt what you think.
He would say ‘it doesn’t matter what is true or false, it matters what is consistent’. If you told yourself something repeatedly and consistently, very soon, you will begin to believe it. It’s that simple. The problem is many people have chosen a set of non empowering facts and theories and have held on to them consistently. Soon, you start manifesting those. ‘I am fat’, ‘I am not so smart’, ‘I am not sure I can do it’. Sticking to those ‘facts’ consistently has made you what you think you are today. If you substitute that fact for another set of facts such as ‘ I am smart’, ‘I am sexy’. ‘I I always get things done’ and you hold on to them consistently, very soon, you will start believing them.
It’s not just about positive talk, it is scientific. It’s how we develop conditioning either in Pavlov’s dogs or in training elephants in India. I have written this blog for the past 115 days I don’t know how it feels like not to write blog post a day any more. So don’t just say ‘positive things to yourself, whatever you want to become, chose it and do it consistently and you will become it with ease.
Aristotle said it right on point: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’

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