Day #133:Life Lessons by Rick Tocquiny

I read this piece from the Life Lessons by Rick Tocquiny, it got me thinking and I think it would be great to share.

In your life of work, you will hit phases when you know that promotion, raise or special goal is within your reach, yet you grow disgruntled and impatient. When you have worked hard to build a body of work, but you feel like throwing in the towel, consider that true success may be right around the corner.

At this very moment in time, it is hard to see the big picture, orbit above all the action and understand your progress.

Remember the legend of a general who found his troops disenchanted, disparaged and whipped. He believed that it was because his army division felt isolated and endangered by the enemy. The general knew that his division was physically close to other regimens, separated only by a dense growth of small trees and shrubbery. To lift his troops’ spirits and let them see the might of the vast army, he then ordered “burn the underbrush.”

When his explicit orders had been carried out, his division of soldiers found that they were not isolated, as they had supposed. To their surprise, they saw that they were a part of one mighty army approaching near victory. With their courage revived, they marched forward in triumph!

Consider where you have been, what you have accomplished in your body of work and burn the brushwood of self-doubt, over-eagerness, mistrust, and separation.

Your success may be much closer than you ever considered.

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