Day #149:Our Greatest Glory is not in Never Falling, but in Rising Every Time We Fall

3 years ago, Honda released a series of documentaries. I remember seeing the trailers in movie theaters, right before the film started. The trailers surprised me, since I am so used to the blaring and fast-paced snippets of movies and products. The documentary trailers actually caught my attention because they were so thoughtful and artistic. I realized, that’s how life is… there are so many problems trying to get your attention that when something is slow and and inspiring, you really can’t help but pay attention.

I’d like to share my favorite video from the Honda series, “Dream the Impossible.” It’s entitled “Failure: The Secret to Success.” You might have felt that this year was a failure given that we only have 2 months to go. I don’t blame you if you do; there are events that I wish had happened differently. However, Confucius once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Watch this video to learn about some successful people who experienced failure but persevered to their greatest triumph:


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