Day #171:Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow

We have two voices in our mind always vying for our attention, and one is always wrong. The interesting question for most of us is: Why do we so often choose to listen to the wrong voice? We have already established that it speaks the loudest. It’s also often the most familiar. But I think we pick this voice because it’s the one that elevates us at the expense of other people, and that’s a place we like to be. It’s the one that keeps us feeling separate from others, which feels familiar. And it’s also the one that needs our adherence for its survival. Of course it’s going to make a pest of itself. It has no other option.

The question we must ask ourselves is whether we want to harbor agitation, anger, fear, and certain inferiority, or whether we want to experience peace. The choice is ours. The voice for peace will wait for our acknowledgement. Because the peaceful voice belongs to our Higher Power we can count on it to remain with us always. It doesn’t leave our minds even though it’s so often ignored. It knows that we will eventually want more peaceful lives, and it will show us the way.

It’s common knowledge that all acts of aggression lead to more aggression. All we have to do is watch the news and read the daily papers to prove that point. But we don’t always get it that the reverse is also true: acts of love lead to more love, in our own lives as well as those lives we touch. Our one “little act” of love is not meaningless. Far from it. Our lives and the world around us are changed by a multitude of little acts of love – something as simple as a smile or a kind word or a willingness to listen.

How we acquire better lives is not very mysterious. It comes back to making better choices, beginning with the most important choice of all: Whom will we listen to, the aggressive boss ego or the quiet, wise voice that’s always there to guide us to a higher place? You don’t even have to make huge changes all at once. I wouldn’t even suggest trying. Just commit, one day at a time, to changing your mind, and you will begin to experience the peaceful life you deserve. The power of one mind changing cannot be overstated. Are you willing to be an example?

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