Day #184: The Most Read Posts in 2013

Since I started the 1000 days of Inspiration blog, readers have found some posts, more inspiring and interesting than others. Today I bring you the top 5 most read posts from 2013.

#1:Your Hour of Power

This post was my Day #2 post when I started this blog. I wrote about how the first hour of everyday is the most important hour for most successful people.This blog itself is built on the principle that our days make up our lives. To have the life we want, we must make our days the way we want them. The best way to to do that is to think of how we start our days.Click the heading to go to the post.

#2:Bill Gates’ Summer Reading List vs. The World’s

Back in summer 2013, I was exploring ways to make the summer more productive. More importantly to help readers of this blog see how reading is important and why the books we read tell a lot about what we think, who we are and who we might become.The post shows Bill Gates’ top reading list for the summer compared to what the rest of the world was reading according to Click the heading to go to the post.

#3:7 Websites that will Make You Happier and Smarter!

The third most read post is a list of 7 website that would make you happier and smarter. The whole point of this post was on how to make good use of time spent on the internet and how to find inspiring content that helps you grow.Click the heading to go to the post.

#4:Steve Jobs’ Best Quotes Ever

Steve Jobs will no doubt continue to remain in the annals of the most inspiring personalities of our century. His vision revolutionized how we use our phones, how we share music, watch movies and do so many other things. Steve Jobs’s life inspired a lot of people to go beyond what is possible,to think of the impossible. There is little wonder why the post on Steve Jobs is the fourth most read post on this blog.Click the heading to go to the post.

#5:101 Books To Read This Summer Instead of ’50 Shades of Grey’

While on the topic of reading and summer reading list. My post, sharing the infographic on the books you can read this summer instead of 50 Shades of Grey received wide readership among followers of this blog.Since we become what we read, I guess it makes sense for us to continuously consciously chose what we read.Click the heading to go to the post.

Which was your favourite post in 2013 on this blog. If it was no listed here, please write in the comment below and we can share with other readers.

Thanks for reading today’s post.

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