Day #186: Lessons From 2013!

It’s the last day of 2013 and I have been thinking of what to write on for hours now. Finally, I decided to write on the lessons I have learnt in 2013.

Where focus goes energy flows: Early in 2013 I learnt that when we put our energy and focus in one area of our life, we see improvements in that area. At the beginning of the year, I made conscious decision to love and be loved. As the year went on, I saw this happen more in my life. In my relationships with my friends,my family and the person I fell in love with. I am grateful for this and I consider this year my year of loving relationships.

The Journey is the reward. I was talking with a friend recently who confided in me that she doesn’t like setting goals or making resolutions because if then she can’t achieve those goals she will be depressed and heartbroken. And this is a great feeling I think. I think it would be terrible for a person to feel nice about not achieving their goals. So my advice is not to be scared of setting goals because you may not achieve them, rather to look forward to the beauty of working towards those goals and achieving them.I think life itself is not about achieving goals, its about who we become in the process of achieving that goal that is important.Hence, the journey is the reward.

The Start is the most important: This year I realized we don’t achieve things a lot of times because we know too much. Because we suffer from analysis paralysis. We take time to cover the angles, to find every information, along the line we get discouraged or we find reasons why we shouldn’t do the things we want to do.To achieve something, just start. Like Nike says: ‘Just Do It!’ It’s good to plan and have all the information,but if you don’t do something, if you don’t start, you will always be stuck with only ideas.

To succeed we must court failure: This was one of the weirdest lessons I learnt in 2013 and rather counterintuitive. That to really succeed, we must put ourselves in situations that leads to failure. Because this would push us to work very hard and avoid failing. Weight lifters put themselves against strong obstacles to build muscles. The heavier the weight, the stronger the muscle. For example, naming this blog 1000 days of inspiration is a way of courting failure. This means I have to get up everyday to write. The day I don’t, I know I will receive emails saying, ‘you failed’.The fear of receiving this message drives me everyday to wake up and write a blog post even when I don’t feel like.

Schedule: WHile doing an appraisal of 2013 and trying to figure out why I didn’t achieve some of the goals I set, I realized it was because I never really scheduled any of them.If I wanted to write an exam and I didn’t, it was because I didn’t schedule a date and time for it. This year I improved a lot in physical health. I think it was because I scheduled  6 AM every morning to get up and run even in rain or in snow, I get up every morning to do this 5 days a week. Scheduling means you think this is important and you want to do it.Whatever we don’t schedule doesn’t really happen.

These are few of the lessons I learnt in 2013. I consider this year a year of gratitude, of love and of learning. Thank you for reading today’s post and for following this journey. Happy 2014. See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Day #186: Lessons From 2013!

  1. Ok so I’m finally going to do this. I appreciate the change in you. You wont be able to understand how much. Your commitment to turning a 30 days inspirational blog to a 1000 days blog moves me to act and improve myself because watching you do these things means I can do them as well. Thank you for being an awesome person. Love you loads.


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