Day #191:10 Rules to help you acheive your goals in 2014.

Its day 5 of 2014.Again, it’s the period of setting goals and laying the foundation for how the year will look like.As such you need all the help you can find in setting goals for the year. I am doing the same so I will continue to share every useful resource I think will be of help to you readers of this blog.

Today, I want to share this video on how to achieve your goals.The video lists 10 rules of goals setting. Let me know if it helps you. Enjoy.


In case you didn’t catch all the 10 rules.This is it.

Rule #1:Be Decisive.You define yourself by the decisions you make.
Rule #2:Stay Focused. The moment you focus on a goal,it becomes a magnet,pulling you and your resources towards it.
Rule #3:Write Down Your Goals.Be Specific,measurable,and have a deadline. Written goals are catalysts,transforming agents for success and achievement.
Rule #4:Plan Thoroughly.Planning allows you to carefully orchestrate all the steps on the way to achieving a goal.
Rule #5:Involve Others. Surround yourself with good people who possess solid experiences.
Rule #6:Welcome Failure. Failure has an ulterior motive: It stops you long enough to learn,restrategize,and re launch again,
Rule #7:Take purposeful action. A good plan will always get you in the door…
Rule #8:Inspect What You Expect.Attention increases productivity.
Rule #9:Reward Yourself.A goal,once achieved,deserves to be rewarded.
Rule #10:Maintain Personal Integrity.Maintain a committment to your commitment.Personal integrity is about setting a goal and keeping your promise to achieve it.

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