Day #201:Managing Fear and Insecurity

Much of our world is gripped with a sense of fear and insecurity—fear of losing jobs, homes, or not achieving our goals. In such a state of insecurity and vulnerability, it is easy to see why people might resign to being in survival mode and looking out only for themselves, at home, at work or in the community. In this environment people tend to respond by being more and more independent. The mindset becomes: “I’m going to focus on ‘me and mine.’ ‘I am going to try and set very low expectations so I don’t get disappointed.’

Certainly, independence is vital; and setting low expectations from people is not bad. However, the problem is that we live in an interdependent reality. Our most important work, the problems we hope to solve or the opportunities we hope to realize require working and collaborating with other people in a high-trust, synergistic way—whether at home or at work. Having an interdependent mindset, skills and tools are vital, especially now as we work through challenges unlike anything most of us have ever seen in our life time.

Maybe people will always disappoint us. But we still need them, we can do more together with other people than we can do alone.What we need is to learn skills that would help us become more interdependent and work more with people.These skills can help us achieve more that we think we can do alone.

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