Day #204:4 Websites to Check Out Daily in 2014

Do you ever find yourself staring at your computer, hoping for a great site with interesting content to just pop out at you? Whether you are looking for inspiration, videos or a bit of good doing, what follows is a thorough recommendation of seven of the best websites to check out in 2014.

A relative newcomer on the online scene, Upworthy is taking the world of viral videos by storm with eye-catching headlines on current events and politics. The site’s many curators cull content from all over the Internet, sparking debate and addressing social issues.
BEST KNOWN FOR: Stand out sensational titles and killer content.
GO HERE: If you are looking for a video that will challenge the way you think, daily.

Launched by Rainn Wilson, best known as Dwight from The Office, Soulpancake is a media platform intent on creating discussion about art, spirituality, creativity and philosophy – all with a good dose of humor.  The site features videosconversationsactivities and challenges.
BEST KNOWN FOR: Eight-year old Kid President, SoulPancake’s breakout star – becoming a YouTube sensation with his inspiring message of making the world more awesome (with the help of Beyonceand President Obama).
GO HERE: For a deeper take on life with a chuckle.

The socially-conscious website is a division of Participant Media who produced such incredible films as An Inconvenient Truth, Food Inc., Waiting for Superman and more. With daily features ranging from news and lifestyle to opinion pieces, the original content aims to spark positive change.
BEST KNOWN FOR: Their standout section Take Action, is a place where anyone can sign a petition or add their voice to a worthy social cause.
GO HERE: To gain a greater understanding of the world and lend your voice to enact change.

Helmed by Stanford Dean Dan Coleman, Open Culture is a treasure trove of curated educational and cultural content. Mind stimulating and brain bending, Open Culture leads you to entries about the inner workings of artists or recently unearthed historic footage, complete with detailed and intelligent information about each item.
BEST KNOWN FOR: High brow, original, off-the-grid curated content. The site also offers free learning and entertainment with online courses from leading universities, moviesaudio bookseBooks andfree language lessons.
GO HERE: To get a hit of culture and little known facts about some of the most creative iconic figures throughout history.

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