Day #217:Travel as Therapy

I love tavelling. I make it a point to travel to a new destination every year. This year, I have travelling to a new destination as a major goal.With Japan being on top of that list.

I started reading and trying to understand how travelling can be a more meaningful experience and I found this blog:TRAVEL SOUL THERAPY.Psychology expert Anatoly Petrenko believes that travel with intention is an excellent way to experience freedom of being, and his personal website is loaded with interesting insights on the subject.

Travelling is not just about going to a new place. Like a metaphoric journey, travelling is our opportunity to get to discover ourselves.As Anatoly puts it:

Travel as therapy is a holistic way of travel: to consciously learn about yourself by going away from habitual and predictable environment with intention. It is to use power of a metaphor of journey to induce personal transformation.

My question to you is:why do you travel? Why do you spend your money on something that you can’t bring back home and sell on a stock market? What is it about going away that is so compelling? Do we travel to discover other people or ourselves?

Steve Jobs believed the definition of intelligence is an ability to make connections. And the best way to make more connections is to have more life experiences.Travelling is an instant way of gaining more life experience. Learning more about a place, meeting new people and more importantly discovering yourself.

It is my wish for you that you take the step away from home, from your comfort zone. Move away from mundane rotten daily life of doing the same thing and experience a new place.Live.Move.Gain new experience. Dont be afraid to get lost.Because it is in so doing that you find yourself.

The journey is the reward.

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