Day #222:How to Remember Names Even If You Have Bad Memory

How do you feel when someone forgets your name?

You probably don’t like it.

And that’s exactly how other people feel when you forget their names.

Names give people their identity. It is what makes them unique and people pay a lot of money just to put their name to something.

If you want to have great relationships and/or succeed in business and life, it is crucial to remember names and to always call people by their name.

Most people don’t remember names because…they don’t bother to. There is really no such thing as bad memory when it comes to names. It is just an excuse not to take the time to show someone how important they are to you.

So how do you remember people’s names?

1. Have the conscious intention to be present during the introduction. Many times we go into automatic pilot and we stop paying attention as we scan the room for other people we know. “Hi, my name is Abraham. Nice to meet you. Hi, my name is Betty. Nice to meet you.” and seconds later we can’t recall the other person’s name.

2. Repeat their name right after they introduce themselves and use it as often as possible. “Hi, my name is Abraham. Nice to meet you. Hi Abraham, my name is Betty. Nice to meet you.” Be careful not to overdo this as it can be very annoying.

3. Ask them to repeat the name if you didn’t hear it clearly the first time or if it is an unusual name. Also ask for the spelling if the name is unusual to you. Write it down or picture it in your head.

4. If you still forget a person’s name, politely ask them to tell you their name again and use the tips above. Practice makes perfect. Just don’t resort to ”Hey….man, it was nice meeting you.”

These are some simple and effective tips that you can use starting today. Ask everyone for their name and call them b

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