Day #232: Tell Better Stories

You’re not good in maths, you can’t programme a computer, you were born in a particular place,you didn’t really do well in school,or you have applied to so many jobs without getter selected, etc, that’s your story right? So what are you going to do about that? How are you going to tell a story people want to read? How would you turn your ordinary story into a remarkable story that people want to read and talk about? Would you even like to read your own story and not get bored?

Stories have been part of our lives since we can remember. From the story books our parents read  to us before going to bed and stories of the heroics of our ancestors our  grand parents told us and the ones we read ourselves.  We use stories to build foundations  of belief.Our stories shape who we are and who we become.In most cultures, stories were used as the way to pass on the ancestral heritage.

Think of all the stories you heard while growing up or you read in books, no body ever wrote a story about a guy who was born in a particular situation, was so poor, had no education and suddenly he died.He didn’t turn his life around. We are all waiting for the time the hero makes the turn around and changes his life and goes on to become a successful business man and helped more poor people. We want to read about how that beautiful princess fell for the frog and she kissed him and he became a very handsome prince. It would be depressing if the frog stayed a frog forever or if the beautiful princess just plain married the handsome prince.

The point is, people expect obstacles in a story and they expect the hero to overcome those obstacles. The stronger the obstacle, the more remarkable the hero and his/her achievement. Maybe we will never remember Mandela, Ghandi,Mother Theresa if they had no obstacle to overcome. They would be ordinary and unremarkable. The thing about remarkable stories is not just that they are nice, but they are worth making a remark about.

This is your movie. You are the hero. To create an extraordinary life, you just need to learn to tell better stories about the future you envision.


2 thoughts on “Day #232: Tell Better Stories

  1. Henceforth, I choose to write the story I want others to read, benefit from, be awed by.
    Concise and Inspiring.

    A fan. 🙂


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