Day #234:Sabotage!

Just about all sabotage is self-sabotage.

We don’t get forced to eat that cookie, we choose to. And so the diet is ended.

Self-sabotage is fascinating to watch and understand. Consider this scenario between chosing to take a 9-5 comfortable job  and taking the dangerous and unpredictable path of enterpreneurship.While the path of enterpreneurship might pay off in the end and guarantees freedom to put our ideas to work rather than spend time buiding other peope’s dreams,we decide to chose the easy way. The lizard brain, the voice in the back of the head that wants security and safety tells you to take comfortable job and play it safe.

Or consider the way we resist opportunities to lead, to connect, to do work that matters. We don’t resist because we’re not capable of it… we resist because if our idea fails, if we don’t get the job or earn the trust, then we’re off the hook. No promises made, which means no promises to keep.

We know we want to live our dreams and create our own companies, yet that voice makes us send out our resume instead.

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