Day #240:Should You Adapt or What??

With the fast pace of change in technology and the environment around us,we are in danger of becoming obsolete faster than you think.

Imagine the rage you feel when an improved phone is announced a week after you bought a new one. Your old phone does everything it used to do, of course, but one reason you bought it was to have the ‘best phone’ and the launch of a newer model undoes that for you.

What do you do if this is what happens to the current job you have or are applying for or the new product you are developing? You adapt? or what do you do?

Yet, adapting may not be the best way .Trying to play catch up isn’t a good solution.

The key is to constantly disrupt yourself.

We typically define disruption as a low-end product or service that eventually upends an industry. But I’ve found that the rules of disruption apply to the individual too.

It is dangerous to play safe hoping your job will always be there. Seth Godin says ‘risky is now the new is now the new risky’.The solution is not to play catch up, to try to ‘adapt’.The solution is to constantly disrupt yourself and stay ahead of the curve. If you are one of those hoping for that steady long career in that position or that company and you are not challenging yourself to move forward and constantly think of how to improve your value offering.Soon you will find something else or someone  else will disrupt and take your place.

Remember those women who worked as clerks and typists in those government offices? Some of them were diligent in their duties. They could type 80 words per minute perhaps. But the computer came and took their job away.

Figure out how to disrupt yourself and stay ahead of the curve or someone else will.


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