Day #242:Creation vs. Maintenance

Creation is Godlike. It’s like breathing life into something that never existed. Maintenance is easy. We just have to patch up what has been created. Only creators move the world forward. They take us to space, dazzle us with poetry, painting, music and show us things we would never imagine. Steve Jobs calls them ‘the crazy ones’.

The art of creating, like giving birth is hard. It is a period of turmoil, of sweat and blood. It is never easy that’s why only few people do it. There is a resistance, a force that wants to stop us from creating.That voice, telling us it’s better to just get on with life.

Creation is risky; the audience may not like your music, your voice. People may never read your blog post and the world might laugh at your idea. You may never even make money from it.

Yet, we need more creators. The world needs more people like you to stand up and be counted.

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