Day #252: It Doesn’t Count If You Don’t Ship!

It’s great to have revolutionary ideas, it’s fine that you are really smart and you have great ideas on how things can become better and how change can happen. It really doesn’t matter how much you know about ‘The Tipping Point‘, ‘The Black Swan‘,’Purple Cow‘,’disruptive innovation‘, or some many other new ideas and strategies in business books.

What matters is shipping. Shipping is putting something out there. Creating something, designing that new app, writing that blog post and getting it out there. Putting it out in the hands of other people. Making that connection, opening yourself up for criticism. And that is scary.

Bottom line, no one really cares about all those good ideas you have written in your journal about how to improve education system, how companies can better improve customer service, that great blog that would connect people and help and other great ideas you have. The best way to make people care is to put something out there. And see what happens.

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