Day #254: My Story: Always Remember the ‘WHY’

In the book Start With Why, Simon Sinek posits that what makes leaders inspiring and what brings meaning to an albeit mundane task is the ‘WHY’. He says ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’.

So when I get questions from people who want to understand how I manage to write this blog post everyday even in times when I feel like I should just close it, I always think of my ‘WHY’ .Of course I still fret about getting inspiration to write a post, if the post will be remarkable enough for someone to want to come back and read,you know, the usual stuff.

So a quick note on how I got to the WHY of this blog.

Around  April 2013, I went through an episode of questioning my existence(I do this a lot), thinking, ‘am I really living or just existing?’,is my life inspiring any one?’,’what is my story?’,blablabla.

I had a good life, great job, was living in the most beautiful city in the world – Paris. I had almost everything that one would be contented with. Yet,I felt empty. I find myself waking up every morning and running to catch the train to work, work for 8 hours, return home and the repeat the cycle the next day. I didn’t feel good. In short I felt trapped. Like I was in the rat race. Believe me,if you find yourself in the crowd of people in the Paris Metro every morning and evening you will understand what I am talking about.

So I decide to change this. To get my life on track. One thing was very important to me, even if I would do the 9-5 job, I wanted to live an inspiring life. I wanted to have a story that inspires someone to do something with their life. I came to the realisation that our life is the sum of our days(not exactly genius yeah!).But this realisation greatly shifted my perception of how I live my life. We get from our life what we put in our days.The sad thing is, what most of us do is to swap our lives for a pay check at the end of the month doing work we don’t connect to. We don’t even know if our job is contributing anything to the world.

The key to living I have found, is to give ourselves to something bigger than us. Something that helps other people. Whatever job or form of life you decide to live. You don’t need to start a blog,or work in a non-profit, just always ask ‘WHY’ and always try to find meaning in what you do.

This is my story. This blog is a testament to my refusal to live the average life. This is the ‘WHY’ of this blog. And this is why I will continue to write it for the next 1000 days or more.

What’s your story? If you want to share by email, you can reach me at

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