Day #261:I don’t want to change the world

“I want to change the world.”

Everywhere I turn these days, I hear that phrase.

There are over 2.9 billion google search results for “How to Change the World.”

The ambition around this shared vision of shifting humanity is a beautiful world to live in.

More than ever, we crave meaning and purpose in our lives. We desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

I too have spent the last  eight years while working in AIESEC (and really, my whole life) carving a path toward meaningful work and leaving a mark on the world.

But in this desire to “change the world,” I found myself running down a never-ending path of more, better, and chasing what’s next.

While I’m all for growth and expansion, over the last year, I’ve felt ever-so-pulled to slow down, do less, and accomplish more of what actually matters. To heal and change from the inside out.

Sleeping eight hours. Cuddling. Moving my body for many hours each day. Exercise. Writing. Hours and hours and hours of writing. Family. Stopping to smell the flowers. Appreciating nature. Supporting friends. Travel. Holding hands. Studying life. Swirling a glass of wine (part of living in France).

In this I’ve realized that “changing the world” was never the right aim. My innate desire has always been to embody my message. To crack the nut of breaking free from template living to rethink and redesign every aspect of my life.

While I undoubtedly crave making a difference and creating impact, our message is only as strong as our ability to live it. Change is and always will be rooted in our ongoing healing, our ongoing evolution. And when we heal and evolve ourselves, we have the capacity to heal and evolve others.

Here are three questions from Michael Margolis of Get Storied that helped me get clear on my message, and will help you too:

> What’s the thing you’re most curious about?

> What’s the riddle you’re trying to solve; or the nut you’re trying to crack?

> What are you working on that’s much larger than yourself?

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