Day #278:You Will Figure It Out

Imagine being alone in a dark hallway. You’re blindfolded and cannot see anything. You were told that there’s something beautiful waiting for you at the end but you’re not sure what the path to getting there looks like.

What do you do?

You put your hands out and begin feeling the walls for direction. You walk slowly until you feel comfortable enough to pick up the pace. The hallway has a lot of winding turns which has you very present and alert with every step you take.

You start getting into a groove when suddenly, your foot smacks into what feels like a wall. It’s a very small wall which helps you realize it’s a staircase. You slowly make your way up a set of stairs, anticipating the last step. You reach the top and make several small steps until the circumstances feel comfortable.

In the distance, you start to notice a faint light. As you continue stepping forward, the light becomes brighter. You’re almost there. You reach a point in which the light is overwhelming. You take off your blindfold. You made it. And you’re rewarded with an incredible view of natural beauty.

How did you do it? Armed with a destination worth pursuing, you told yourself five simple words: I will figure it out. And you did.

Those words—I will figure it out—are the key to staying confident when presented with anything uncertain or unknown. (And life is almost completely uncertain and unknown.)

No one ever really knows what the path to getting to our end destination will look like. We can make predications based on our past and plan toward our future but until we’re there experiencing it in the moment, it’s all just a dream.

The only thing we ever need to feel confident about taking that first step is an unwavering belief that we’ll figure it out along the way. That we’ll be resourceful, modify on the fly, and adapt as we need to.

If you have true passion and a vague idea of where you want to go, the only thing you need to make your dream a reality is the belief that you will figure it out.

This is a personal note of encouragement I wrote to myself.

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