Day #279:Put off important things to create time for The Most Important Thing

I just found a gem of an article by Leo Babauta about making time for your most important thing.

The article reads:

Time doesn’t fall into your lap. It isn’t handed to you by a kindly old gentleman. You must create it, taking from the world the raw materials you need and shaping it with your bare dirty blistered hands, pushing the clay into form from its shapeless muddy glob.

I had no time to create Zen Habits, and yet today it stands, alive and breathing with pattering heart. I created the time, taking some from television watching, some from meetings, some from saying no to the endless requests on my time by co-workers and wellmeaning friends, some from other important projects that I put off. I put off important things to create time for The Most Important Thing. I said no to others I cared about to say yes to the thing I needed to make.

Say no to everything else. Put off what can be held at bay for the time being. And create time for what is necessary.

Make something. Bring new creative life into the world, change the lives of others, and in doing so, change yours.

You have the power to create time, and the will to create. Don’t squander it, my friend.

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