Day #282:chase what scares you

It’s easy to live within our comfort zones, getting into the same routine day in and day out. it’s natural to feel afraid for how change might impact our lives, how it might show us something we’re not yet ready to face.

The problem is that we’ll never grow and evolve our perspectives. we’ll get stuck in the way things are, thinking that it’s the only way things can or will ever be.

The secret, i’ve discovered, is knowing that i’m already good enough, just as I am. it makes it a hell of a lot easier to chase what scares me when i have faith in my current and future self, when i’m truly being myself in every experience and interaction.

I think you’ll find that what you believe about yourself will be reflected in the people who surround you. are you the average of the five people you most closely surround yourself with? maybe. i think, more accurately, these five people represent what you’re feeling inside.

You’re already perfect just the way you are. now go chase what scares you.

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