Day #293: Why I secretly Like Failing

Yes you read that right. I like failing. When I started this blog, the goal was to do something I can fail at. I have to admit I am very bad with following something through for a long time. I am one of those people you will say have very limited attention span. I get bored easily. Once I start something, and I feel I am getting bored, I abandon it and move to something else. Does this happen to you too or I am just weird?

So I decided to find something I can do that I know I can fail at and put it out publicly so that when I fail the humiliation will be brutal.I mean, why do something you can’t fail at anyway.

This sounds counter intuitive and I admit these days when I get emails from people about how awesome it is I kept a blog and I write everyday for so long, it starts getting to my head that I am doing something significant.I assure you that was not the goal.

The goal was to see how to cure my lack of attention and easy disposition to give up on things by launching a public challenge. The hope is that the lessons or success if you call it that from this experiment will translate into other areas of my life.e.g. writing a complete book, staying at a job for more than one year ,etc.

I want to launch a lot of other projects I know I can fail in and use the lessons I am learning to go all the way.

So now I don’t really fear failing, I want to seek it.Because that’s where the joy of living comes from. If we are scared of failing, we may never move from point A to point B.And that’s where most of us live. We are handicapped by all the reasonable reasons we have not to do something. We don’t dance because we are scared we may take the wrong step and people will laugh at us.But you will never learn to dance if you don’t make mistake and fail.

So I challenge you to find your own failure challenge and do something you think you can fail at and just do it!

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