Day #301: We Have Crossed the 300 Days Mark

Yesterday marked 300 days of this blog. If some one ever asked me 300 days ago if I would like to write a blog post everyday for 300 days, I will probably say it’s not possible.

Now I remember the  Thomas Edison quote:

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

Now I can’t stop thinking how many things I might has achieved if I started 300 days ago and stuck to it.Let’s do the next 699 days together.

Bonne weekend!

One thought on “Day #301: We Have Crossed the 300 Days Mark

  1. And I remember 300 days ago when you were going to start writing and was wondering if you’d be able to keep up. The fact that you haven’t missed a day has really astounded me. You were never too busy; nothing very important came up that required you to shelve? How did you do it? You have shown me the power of self determination and encouraged me to also find something I’ll be committed to and do it everyday. I read some of your articles occasionally and I’m impressed at how fresh they are.

    To the remaining 699 days, I hope you find the strength to trudge on.

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