Day #333:Overcoming the urge to conform!

Our society thrives on conformity, norms, accepted ways of doing things, etc .A group of people do something, buy a particular product,listen to one song, follow a style of dressing, etc, it spreads to the larger population and suddenly it becomes the norm, it become hip and popular. Most of the things we have come to accept as ‘way of life’  today were started by people just like us. They have remained so because no one has had the audacity to challenge them.

The tragedy is that we have come to accept those things as the way things ought to be and anyone who challenges those rules is considered an outcast, a rebel and labelled as insane. The kid who tries the new dance steps, the lady experimenting with a new fashion design, the company with the weird work environment. These people become a challenge to the status quo. To what we know as normal. ‘Here’s to the crazy ones,the misfits, the rebels…. goes the lines in the famous Apple ‘Think Different’ ad.

The truth remains, the people for whom the old system favour hate to see someone challenge it with some new ‘weird’ things. But society depends on this ‘weird’ people to move forward and we must all refuse, reject the urge to always conform.

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