Day #342:Quotes from: “We Are All Weird” by Seth Godin

I love Seth Godin. The man is an enigma to me. Every time I read something from Seth I am always wondering where he gets his ideas from. He is one of the most quoted business thinkers in our generation. Seth is phenomenal because he challenges the status quo and he pushes his tribe to do same. I have been following and reading Seth’s blog and books for a while now and I can say every time I read his blog, there is something that makes you think.

Seth’s latest work is a book published via The Domino Project, a joint publishing venture with Amazon in 2011. This manifesto-like 97 page book aims to help us see why the mass is dead according to Seth. I have taken a number of my favourite quotes from the book to share with you.

  1. Weird (not normal) means that you’ve made a choice, that you’ve stood up for what you believe in and done what you want, not what the marketer wants.  More and more, that’s precisely what’s happening.”

  2. “If you persist in trying to be all things to all people, you will fail.  The alternative, then, is to be something important to a few people.”

  3. The opportunity of our time is to support the weird, to sell to the weird and, if you wish to become weird.

  4. Smart marketers are already supporting those that wish to choose.

  5. The weird are now more important that the many, because weird are the many.

  6. The weird set an example for the rest of us. They raise the bar, they show us through their actions that in fact we are wired to do the new, not to comply with someone a thousand miles away.

  7. The middle is the reason we started school in the first place: to populate our culture with normal.

  8. We can’t mass produce students when we have to work with them one at a time or in like-minded groups.

  9. The stories of so many outliers are remarkably familiar. They didn’t like conformity forced on them by school. Struggled. Suffered. Survived. And now they’re revered.

  10. My proposed solution is simple: don’t waste a lot of time and money pushing kids into directions they don’t want to go. Instead, find out what weirdness they excel at and encourage them to do that. Then get out of the way.

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