Day #343:Does what you eat say anything about you?

In the past few days I have been playing with the idea of becoming a vegetarian and giving up meat completely. My brain tells me that’s the logical thing to do and I want to do it. I have read the studies about how vegetarians live longer and are healthier than people who eat meat. It make sense and I will like to start it right away.

However, I have 1 concern, how will I explain this to people. This is what I mean, around this time last year I experimented with the idea of being a week day vegetarian after watching a TED talk of a guy who did this. The idea is simple, he wants to be give up meat but he likes meat so much he doesn’t want to give it up. So he decides to not eat meat only on week days and eat meat during weekend.

I tried this for about 4 months and the result was phenomenal. I had more energy, more concentration at work, I felt more healthy and increased my daily running time from 1 hour to 3 hours. So why did I give it up if it was so good and had a lot of merits? First, when we go for lunch at work and I told my colleagues I was a week day vegetarian, there was always that first look of ‘Oh impressive’ then followed by ‘weirdo’. Then of course I have to fend of temptation of not eating meat when we go out for dinner with friends and everyone orders Foie gras, escargot or Confit du Canard, you know the french foods.

I know I always write about not caring for what people say or think about what you do if it’s something you really want to do. I also realize that our society has a way of exerting pressure on us indirectly without this pressure being apparent.

So in a nutshell, my desire to become vegetarian at the moment is buckling to the judgmental social pressure to be normal and not be a weirdo.

A part of me doesn’t care and I think it’s just a silly excuse for not following through and doing what I need to do because of what people will think or say about me.I admit that this reality lurks in the corner for most of us. We would prefer a scenario where people dont have to judge us for our choices in life regardless of what they are.


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