Day #350:Dealing with Uncertainty!

I went to school as a lawyer. That leaves you with a burden to always want to know. To be certain about things,about the outcome of everything you do. And if you don’t have all the facts and are certain about something, you don’t do it. I think a lot if people share this need. We hate not knowing.

However in the past years I have found myself more in situations where i have no clue what the outcome would be. I asked a couple of friends what uncertainty means to them. Some of them said things like: ‘When you have to apply for that job and you are not sure you will get selected’. ‘When you have to ask out that person you like on a date and you are not sure if they will say yes or no’ . ‘When you are the first to say ‘I love you’ and you are not sure if your partner will read this as being the weaker party in the relationship’.

Let’s face it. It’s difficult not to know the outcome of things. Uncertainty is killing, it is annoying. However, inside uncertainty also lies magic,surprise of the pleasant variety and miracle.

My advice, embrace uncertainty, do those things you can’t guarantee the outcome. Ask that person out on a date,ask for the promotion, apply for that job,that graduate programme, and everything you don’t know how it will turn out. And then wait for the surprise. After all, what have you got to lose? And like Michael Jordan says:’you miss every shot you don’t take’.

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