Day #355:Simplify and Do What You Love!

I have written a lot in the past few day about doing what you love, following your dream and getting out of your comfort zone.

Saying you should move out of your comfort zone so you can do great things is easier said than done and I myself find it difficult to take very difficult steps and try new things when the outcome is uncertain. In the book The Start Up of You, Reid Hoffman, co- founder of LinkedIn counsels that it’s good to inject a little risk into our system to help us prepare for big risk when they happen in our lives.I find this very useful.

Most people naturally have a fear of “nothing” and feel most comfortable and safe holding on to what they already have or what they already know. No matter what the past holds for them—good or bad—it is where they are most at home. Their box is their security, and the walls around them give them plenty of opportunity to admire barriers. This is why most people find it easier to stay put or simply change or add on to what exists, rather than creating what could be. It’s why people or businesses stay stuck or simply achieve incremental improvements, rather than breakthroughs.

So if I may offer an advice to close this series on doing what you love. You don’t have to make things it so complicated. You don’t need to quit your job and embrace a life of poverty, writing poems or painting to follow your dream just like you read or see in the movies. It’s a very romantic idea but I don’t think anyone needs to be homeless and penniless so they can have a story of following their dreams and doing what they love.

Simplify. Figure out what you really want to do that qualifies as ‘what you love’. Find a way to work on that thing part-time while you keep the boring job you have. Once you gather more learning and momentum, you can decide to switch to what you love full time. It sounds rather simplistic. I assure you, it’s not. However, it should help you keep body and soul together while you figure out a way to start doing what you love in a way that it’s good enough to pay you to quit your job.

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