Day #365: It’s Already 365 Days of Inpiration

Just like yesterday I wrote the first post for a 30 days challenge that later became a 1000 days challenge and some 300 days later I wrote the 300th post. Today is the day 365. Simply that means I have been writing this blog everyday for the past one year. Who would have thought. Something that started from a dare. Now I can simply say I surprised myself.

After doing this for one year I am tempted to share 365 wisdom of writing a blog post everyday. However, I am going to restrain myself and just summarise everything I have learnt in the last 365 days into one lesson. Yes one lesson only.

It’s not about Inspiration; After writing a blog for 365 days about inspiration the most important lesson I have learnt is that it’s not about inspiration. Woody Allen says: “80 percent of life is showing up”. I believe this guy. In the end, it’s not about feeling inspired to write a post. Most days I never feel like writing a blog post. ‘who cares anyway?’I would say to myself. But I care. I write not for a lot of people to read but to keep my commitment.

Many thanks to everyone reading and writing those comments and emails about how the blog could be better. I am grateful.This blog for me has become my little obsession. Something I must do everyday. I wish for you an obsession. Something that would capture your attention everyday and you wouldn’t want to go to bed if you haven’t done it. Muchas gracias.

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