Day #400:We are all Artists.

I am currently reading Seth Godin’s amazing book- Linchpin. One of the central ideas in this book is the belief that everyone is an artist. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. We each have things we are very good at and creatively use our minds to do these great things. When we think of artists, we think of painters, sculptors or designers.

However, Seth’s argument goes to tell us regardless of your profession, once you do something for the love of it, with passion, once you create value not because someone told you to do it or because your boss demands it,but because you care, you are an artist.

Seth says:

Your ability to follow instructions is not the secret to your success.You are hiding your best work, your best insight, and your best self from us every day.We know how much you care, and it’s a shame that the system works overtime to push you away from the people and the projects you care about.

So even if your job is waiting tables or teaching or anything you consider non art, if you approach it with passion and you do it because you care enough.You are an artist.

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