Day #415:Should You Tell People Your Goals?

After keeping it to myself for a while, I recently revealed to my sister that I have been building a career site and would soon launch a recruitment company. I have kept this to myself all along , hoping to announce it once it’s done and I think it is successful.

Well, one of the reasons why I don’t tell people about my goals is, in case I fail,it would be my secret. And in case I chicken out and change my mind, I don’t have to explain to anyone and I can just go about my life. Now that I have told her and a couple of friends, I have to make sure I see it through. No room to chicken out now. This makes me begin to wonder if it’ s wise to tell people your goals or not.

Psychologist are divided on the matter.

Derek Sivers,in a TED talk he delivered in 2010 cites a study showing why you should keep your goals to yourself.(The talk is only a little over three minutes long.)According to Derek, you get the psychological satisfaction of accomplishing the goal without having to actually do the work. In other words, talking becomes a substitute for doing.

Another famous website ,  on the other hand, seeks to use public declaration and commitments to get people to achieve their goals.StickK defines its mission as:

stickK empowers you to better your lifestyle. We offer you the opportunity, through ‘Commitment Contracts’, to show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals.
Basically StickK allows you to create commitment contracts for your goals such as weight loss or saving money and you share that with your friends who keep you accountable to make sure you achieve the set goal.


Which one works for you?

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