Day #419:What Do You Love? 2,500 People Answer with Surprising Results

“What do you love?” JacksGap, a new inspiring video project platform, posed that simple yet poignant question to users and compiled all of the responses into one heartwarming clip. As part of an initiative to collaborate with as many people as possible on one video, the JacksGap production team received over 2,500 Skype video submissions in fifteen different languages from folks in over twenty different countries.

Not surprisingly, most people talk  about how much they love their friends and family, complete with a spontaneous cameo appearance from a slightly embarrassed mom. The clip continues with explanations of other things that people love such as reading, movies, stories, travel, adventure and even life itself. It’s not until near the end that the message becomes more powerful, driving home the importance of diversity.

The video concludes with the idea that at the end of the day humans are all the same and love is a universal concept.

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