Day #443:How to Find Inspiration From Uninspiring Jobs.

I am finding it hard to get motivated these days. Maybe you know what I mean, when you get to a point where you feel everything you do everyday is just mundane tasks not adding any real value to you or changing the world in any particular way.

So how do we get out of this rut? How do you push yourself everyday to get motivated to give your best when what you are doing is not actually something inspiring?

I have found that if I’m not motivated, it’s usually because I don’t have a driving purpose that makes me want to do some work. I don’t have a reason to get cranking.Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to get this feeling from corporate jobs,the ones a large majority of us are stuck in anyway

So my prescription: Find something, anything, that helps other people. That will change their lives in a meaningful way. Really think about that change, about those people.  You ask, how do I do this with my day job? I am guessing if you can’t find a way to look at your day job like this, you could decide to get this in another way. Take for example you could use your weekends to volunteer for a cause you care about or something that adds value to other people’s life.

It’s almost certain we will not always get things to work our way. We will not have jobs that inspire and drive us to get out of bed every morning knowing that out actions are changing someone’s life somewhere. What we can do is to determine how we want to see our jobs and if we can’t define that, to look for meaning and find a way to do something impactful for the world in our own way.

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