Day #450:Crash & Learn – Aleksander Aurdal

The world’s most talented athletes aren’t born overnight; rather their abilities and skills are honed over a long period of time. That is exactly the case with Aleksander Aurdal, a Norwegian professional free skier. The extreme sportsman knows that in order to succeed, he has to fall hard – literally.

The inspiring video shows shots of Aurdal soaring through the air, attempting a steep mountain slope jump or skiing down a stairway ramp and then BOOM- he repeatedly crashes, limbs and skis flying in all different directions. But, as he explains, when he decided to focus his concentration on one sport, free skiing, all the times that he unceremoniously took a tumble actually helped perfect his skiing skills.

The video drives home the point that in order fly, one needs to fall. Instead of fearing the crash, one can embrace it and learn something from the experience as the downward dive will only make you stronger.

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