Day #460:What Will You Start This Month?

The hardest part of doing anything significant is starting. Becoming a self-starter is the most important discipline you can develop if you want to produce a lot of value.

There is always a reason to start later. It would be far better to start once you have enough money, enough time or once you have more information.

However, in delaying your start you are missing out on the learning and development that only happens in the fray. You can dance around the edges for years, but at some point you must get into the game if you want to understand what it’s really like.

This post is part of a personal journal entry. I have a lot of ideas of things to start all through the year and I haven’t found the courage to bring myself to start them. Because of a lot of excuses: not enough time, money, don’t know enough and many other reason.

But here’s the thing I realized recently: Writing this blog for example has taught me you must make the decision to start anew every day. Every time I sit in my chair and fire up my laptop, I am starting. Starting is in itself an act of bravery.

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