Day #462:4 of the Best Brain Training Apps to Make You Smarter

The world of brain training apps has boomed in the recent years, marking an increased interest in sharpening cognitive skills. With a good chunk of folks in possession of a smartphone or computer, the accessibility of giving your gray matter a workout has become that much easier. Plunge into these four reputable apps for a fun and challenging mental calisthenics session-  and up your intelligence quotient. Lumosity is my favourite.


With over 60 million users worldwide, Lumosity’s Training Program is one of the most popular around.
WHAT’S ON IT: Designed by neuroscientists, the app helps you train your memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving skills with games that track progress over time. Lumosity creates customized daily brain games and adjusts the difficulty level according to your performance.
BRAIN BOOSTER: Lumosity’s Human Cognition Project invites researchers, educators, clinicians and volunteers to use their database of cognitive performance to create scientific research.


Neuroscience and gamification join forces for a series of brain workouts.
WHAT’S ON IT: The app assesses your current cognitive level and offers a variety of fun games that work on areas that need strengthening, in the fields of memory, attention and focus.
BRAIN BOOSTER: According to the app developers, using the app at least 20 minutes, two or three times a week can rapidly improve cognitive abilities.


The language learning technology Rosetta Stone has created a brain training program that requires only a couple minutes of play to strengthen your gray matter.
WHAT’S ON IT: Through games and training sessions, the app works on six major brain areas: focus, memory, logic, speed, visual and language with personalized training that adapts to the user’s level.
BRAIN BOOSTER: Users can compare their performance levels in each training area to peers of the same age and gender.


If your memory skills are a bit shaky, this app’s repetition method will help you memorize anything.
WHAT’S ON IT: Whether you need to remember a phone number, new bank details or some cold hard facts, Eidetic’s flashcard style app helps you commit that information to memory. The app spaces tests out over a period of time which helps users store new knowledge into long-term memory.
BRAIN BOOSTER: Three intensity levels allow users to either quickly cram or memorize information over a longer span of time that is relevant to their personal lives.

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