Day #468:The Pursuit of Comfort

You’re doing it again. Maybe even right now.

Habit and comfort can easily infiltrate your routine, and before you know it you are doing everything but the activities that will help you add value through your work. We seek comfort when we are faced with uncertainty or doubt, fear, or a seemingly challenging barrier. Unfortunately, though it’s biological instinct, comfort is the last thing we should be grasping for.

Our grasp for comfort isn’t always about lounging around or avoiding our responsibilities. Sometimes it comes in the form of mindless web surfing, busywork, or habitual routines that reinforce our sense of certainty and stability. Sometimes these habits can become routines, which become systems, which eventually become ruts. Once we’re in a rut, it can be challenging to identify how we got there and how to get out.

In order to get rid of the obsessive pursuit of comfort, it’s necessary to limit the ways it can crop up. While these small comfort-giving routines may provide temporary relief from the fear of uncertainty, they slowly rob us of a life of contribution. You cannot pursue greatness and comfort at the same time. You may experience comfort along the way, but it cannot be your objective if you want to do great work.

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